Who is God, the Father?

”…Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.”
Matthew 6:9

The God Revolution begins with God. God is the Father of us all and deeply longs to have a relationship with us. Many people lack this relationship. God is invisible to them because they haven’t opened their hearts and accepted God into relationship and sought forgiveness for their sin.

In the above video, Bernard Ilango shares his testimony on how depression had gripped him from a very young age. However, he always had this desire to find God even though he was raised as a Hindu and tried everything from Hinduism to Atheism. Then somebody sent him a Bible. He read the Gospel of John and he discovered the true God, a Father who cares.

God is calling us into a personal relationship with Him. This is both a revelation as a well as a revolution.

Wouldn’t it be revolutionary to have God as the pilot of your life? It is available for all who want to break away from sin and evil, and enter into that which is good and right.

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