How To Prepare For Spiritual Battle

“Yes, and all those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.”
2 Timothy 3:12

Will persecution stop you from sharing Jesus? God watches over his Word to protect it and He is not going to let persecution get in the way of His purpose in your life. You will have the victory. God will give you the strength to withstand it.

Bernard shares in the video above, that his life had been very dark with loss of identity and post traumatic stress disorder. His depression seemed overwhelming but God gave him the victory.

The devil doesn’t want people to become Christians because that is a loss of glory to him. The tactics of the enemy are sneaky: outright lying, demolishing your reputation, to make you feel isolated, active bullying, unrighteous laws or use of law unrighteously, physical attacks, false Christians in the church and false teaching.

The enemy plays on one’s thoughts. But the trial of your faith works patience.

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