How Do We Start a God Revolution?

A heart change is only possible when people respond to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you join us in spreading the heart revolution that is needed?

There is widespread disillusionment among people in Australia today. The Australian government has become less stable and people are turning inward and trusting each other less. Greed is on the increase and this alienates people from one another. The only solution is a heart change.

Rev. Richard Temby explains in the video above the need for Christians to have confidence to share Christ with others. Many churches are preoccupied with the question: How do we get people to come in? Whereas the real need is to take Jesus with us and go out.

Tony McLennan in his years with Bible League noticed the great need to help the people in churches to be actively engaging with and telling others about Jesus. “We are seeing people working on the political and social frontlines but the spiritual frontline has been neglected.  We need to raise up an army of 10,000 soul winners who are committed to being fruitful bearers of His Name and bringing many to faith in their lifetime.”

Do you have a burning desire to help Australians come to know Jesus?

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