Do you know that God has called you to be a soulwinner?

Do you know that God has called you to be a soulwinner?

It doesn’t matter what your spiritual gifting is, we are all called to share Christ with others so that they may be saved.

Jesus said: “Go and preach the Gospel to every creature ….” Mark 16:15

Charles H Spurgeon, the prince of preachers, wrote “Soul-winning is the chief business of every Christian minister; indeed, it should be the main pursuit of every true believer.” *

In this webinar titled “How YOU can bring others to Jesus” you will learn the three vital components that make for the effective winner of souls. And … you can put to work proven resources that will help you reach out effectively to friends, family and colleagues.

To encourage your friends you may wish to invite them to watch this webinar presented by Australia For Jesus – a movement resulting from God’s call upon the lives of a growing number of Christians who are praying for a God Revolution in Australia and also in New Zealand. See

You can encourage your friends to register on and receive the resources they will find most helpful in activating the soul winner in them.

If you wish to have a “Bringing Others to Jesus” Seminar run in your church contact me on 0419 483 096 or email me on

*C H Spurgeon, The Soul Winner, Advice on Effective Evangelism, Christian Focus Publications, 2015 p. 5


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