Discover How God Is Bringing People To Jesus Through The Australia For Jesus Network

Discover How God Is Bringing People To Jesus Through The Australia For Jesus Network

We thank you for your commitment to Australia for Jesus as an initiative to raise up soul winners across Australia to bring others to Jesus. This work commenced in earnest from August 2017. By later that month we had rolled out The God Revolution ( filming in anticipation of a launch of the Australia For Jesus initiative with Vision Christian Media in late September.

A lot of wonderful things have been happening. We are just amazed at God’s hand in the set up and launch. This update gives you the latest news on how God is enabling us to progress the vision of Australia For Jesus. The Lord has miraculously supported this work and we are seeing amazing things happen since the launch.

Below this email is a summary of what has been achieved to date through the Australia For Jesus Network.
People are coming to faith in Jesus
Initiatives are being launched and real outcomes are being generated with God’s help being very evident.
We explore The Next Steps for Australia For Jesus
The Lord is with you!

Tony McLennan
Co-Founder & CEO
Australia For Jesus

GOOD NEWS: Stories Of How People Are Coming To Jesus

Young Man Was Presented The Gospel In Sydney’s CBD, Holy Spirit Fell And He Was Overcome, Confessed Christ And Later Was Baptised

Daniel met with Tony to discuss life issues and Tony showed him the Way of Life. Daniel said he didn’t believe there was any point to life but death and the grave. When Tony asked him: “Daniel, do you believe Jesus could’ve died for you?” suddenly the Holy Spirit fell on both Daniel and Tony. Daniel was deeply afraid and cried out “What’s happening?” Tony said “t’s the Holy Spirit … He has come to convince you of sin and your need for righteousness and the judgement that will otherwise come!” Daniel, the ‘atheist’, was deeply moved and said, “What am I to do!” Tony replied, “Do you want to receive God’s gift of Eternal Life?” Daniel replied, “Yes, I do!” and he immediately prayed the prayer of repentance and accepted Christ. Daniel has since been baptised and is going on for God as is his family. Check out Daniel’s story in his own words here >>

Presbyterian Minister Uses AFJ’s The Way Of Life To Lead Man To Salvation

In February, AFJ received a call from a Presbyterian Minister who had Tony run a Bringing Others to Jesus seminar last year. This Presbyterian Minister was inspired to start using The Way of Life presentation following the training. “I am just ringing,” he said, “because I used the Australia For Jesus presentation to show a man the Gospel and he thoughtfully prayed the prayer for forgiveness and salvation. Please pray for this man’s continuing walk with the LORD.” The harvest is ready! Like this Presbyterian Minister, are we willing to share the Gospel with those around us and reap eternal rewards?

Hindu Woman Is Presented With The Gospel Through The Way Of Life And Commits Her Life To Christ At A Petrol Station!

An AFJ Friend, stopped for some petrol and saw an Indian lady walking by. Sharon suggested the lady have a look at the Way of Life on her mobile … The lady was struck by the clear presentation and when asked “Do you believe Jesus died for you?” and ” Do you want to receive God’s gift of Eternal Life?” the lady readily said “Yes” and prayed the prayer to receive Christ. Our AFJ Friend was then able to send the Gospel to the lady’s phone. Praise God for this ‘chance’ meeting! May God bless this encounter to the saving of a soul!

What Has Australia For Jesus Accomplished Since Launching!

Discover some key outcomes our team has seen God bring to pass since we launched Australia For Jesus!

Responses to the Gospel

The Word is alive and active and people are coming to faith as they hear the Gospel preached faithfully and with power.

Here are some outcomes from people presenting the Gospel

  • A Pastor in Sydney reported five people coming to Christ since Christmas.
  • One AFJ Friend went to a church in Manly, NSW and prayed for one person to come to Christ who was visiting that church. Also our friend met a lady ‘by accident’ in the precinct who had been a work associate 15 years ago. This lady showed great interest in the Gospel and wished to pray to receive Christ.
  • At the Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne – as students trained in The Way of Life witnessed in outreaches at Kyneton and Castlemaine, ten people prayed the prayer to invite Christ into their lives.
  • An Indian lady confessed Christ in Melbourne’s suburbs during a day of street evangelism.
  • A woman at the community carols in Goulburn prayed to invite Christ into her life.
  • In just 45 minutes Hillary and Tony showed three people in Brisbane’s CBD The Way of Life and each person was happy to receive a copy after being shown the presentation.
  • Other reports are coming in from Christians who are sharing the Gospel with people who are responding positively to the message and are readily receiving copies of The Way of Life.

Church and Public Presentations About Australia For Jesus

The vision of Australia For Jesus to see revival across Australia is being embraced by many churches and local prayer groups.

Multiple “Bringing Others to Jesus” Seminars and Presentations are being run across Australia including:

  • We hosted our first Gospel dinner in Melbourne at Oaktree Anglican where 80 people gathered together across churches in Melbourne to hear testimonies and AFJ’s strategy to see Australia won for Christ. Click here for video overview
  • Around 400 people out of the 2,000 people attending the services at Victory Life Centre (VLC) in Perth came forward for prayer to become soul winners. Pastor Margaret Court has developed internal plans to do further evangelism training as a result.
  • Vision Christian Radio: As one of our sponsors, Vision Christian Radio has been hosting a regular monthly Australia For Jesus segment on Twenty: Twenty with Neil Johnson. Check out the latest podcast: Subtle Deceptions That Keep Christians Quiet – Tony McLennan (Australia For Jesus) – 15 Feb 2018. By Vision Christian Media
  • LifeSource Christian Centre in Sydney has embraced the vision to see 10,000 Christian soul winners raised up across Australia. Here is a talk in February given by Tony outlining the AFJ vision. This talk has a beautiful testimony that begins around 15 minutes into the presentation.
  • Other Host Churches include Brighton Baptist Church, Scots’ Church Melbourne, Village Church, Goulburn Baptist Church, House Church (Perth), Noranda Church of Christ, Willetton Church of Christ and Combined Churches of Goulburn.

Training Churches & Providing Gospel Resources

Our teams have been busy sharing Gospel materials across the nation!

Here are some of the materials we have been distributing:

  • Around 10,000 booklets featuring the title “The Reason for the Season The True. Meaning of Christmas” were distributed in multiple shopping locations from 13th – 22nd December 2017.
  • New materials are in circulation called “Escape From Karma, Good News For Buddhists.”
  • AFJ has been authorised to edit and update booklets by Ian Tay called “Eternity: Heaven is For Real and He Died For You the Significance of Easter.” This project is all but complete.
  • Presentations of The Way of Life by AFJ Friends continues.

Sign Ups to Australia For Jesus and Impact of God Revolution Videos

We have been using digital media to engage and inspire like-minded Christians to share the Gospel through our God Revolution campaign.

Our combined multimedia activities have contributed to:

  • 3,000 people have registered so far to Our goal for 2018 is to receive over 10,000 sign ups in Australia. We also, as God leads, plan to work in New Zealand. Click here for video overview
  • Promotion of God Revolution videos through Vision Christian Radio since October 2017. The God Revolution 15 video series, a completely Australian production shot in Melbourne in August 2017, has generated 50,000 enquiries and received many views per video. The videos can be accessed at

Partnerships and Governance

Partnerships and Organisational Governance are ensuring that Australia For Jesus is properly endorsed by the Body of Christ in Australia

Here are the partnerships that we have formed:

  • Partnerships have formed with Vision Christian Media, The Australian Institute of Family Counselling, Business Life and Partners in Prayer and Evangelism and Wealth With Purpose.
  • Developing a governance framework has occurred which operates under the covering of the Business Life Network Limited as the governing body for the Australia For Jesus Network. Our Chairman is Mr Gary Allan and our elected Treasurer is Mr Adam Wright. These men head up our Board.

What is next for Australia For Jesus?

Friends & churches of Australia For Jesus will be launching the “Impact Your City: Taking the Gospel to the Streets” campaign. We believe God wants to see more Christians activated ‘on the ground’ in their local communities, presenting the Gospel to friends, family and others they come across in their everyday life. As part of Impact Your City we plan clean sweeps through various capital and regional cities in Australia. The campaign will involve:

  • Conducting ‘Bringing others to Jesus’ seminars in Warrnambool (VIC), Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Goulburn (NSW), Perth and Cairns.
  • Equipping pastors to embed soul winners in their churches.
  • Raising up leaders to help others to reach out for Christ and help local churches develop an effective soul winning capability.
  • Establishing “Meetup Groups” for people to be activated to bring others to Jesus, providing training and practical demonstration.
  • Speaking engagements with Youth in Canberra with Synergy Youth, Goulburn and elsewhere.
  • Meeting with business leaders and equipping marketplace ministry through the Business Life Network.

Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement and your participation in this vital work of lifting up the name of Jesus so that many people across Australia will be saved!